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Ying (Parada) was trained at Pure Suthee Yoga by Suthee Panthong in Thailand in an apprenticeship guild which lasted ten years and still continues. She has been teaching yoga for 14 years and wants to pass on to her students the love and gift of yoga. She is a level 2 Yoga Australia teacher. The style is based on Indian yoga but encourages a fluidity of movement.

Parada Chantananont (Ying)

Ying in front of doors at Wat Po

Parada (Ying) grew up in Thailand as a Buddhist and learnt meditation and the precursors to Yoga practice at primary school. She has been teaching and practising yoga almost every day for the last 14 years. She started her practice in the beautiful heart of Bangkok at Lumphini park, and practiced there everyday for a number of hours in addition to her other studios. She did a formal teacher training course with Suthee Pantong in the Pure Suthee Yoga studio but also spent 10 years in an apprenticeship guild travelling with her master as a model and a student. She is a level 2 Yoga Australia member and has been teaching and practicing in Melbourne for 7 years making regular retreats to Thailand to study with her master.

Dawn Yoga in Lumphini Park Thailand

Dawn Yoga in Lumphini Park Thailand

Ying found her love for Yoga in the beautiful gardens of Lumphini Park, often called the “lungs of Bangkok” and gifted to the people by King Rama VI. The students, often up to 40 in a class, come from all over the capital and arrive at the park just after 6am to reap the rewards of this blissful way of starting the day. As a student teacher Ying often travelled after the class with her Yoga master Suthee Panthong to other studios often as a model for his instructions. In the absence of the teacher Ying would often teach these classes herself. When Ying returns for retreats to Thailand there is rarely a day that she misses a dawn class in the park.

Ying and the Lotus

Ying and the Lotus

It is no surprise that the beautiful Suttabuut lotus would be woven into Ying's Yoga business and practice, Ying was taught how to fold the lotus petals by her grandmother almost before she could talk.


Ying's Teacher

Suthee Panthong

Every teacher sits on the shoulders of a lineage of teachers. Ying was taught by Suthee Panthong of Pure Suthee Yoga in Thailand for more than ten years more...

Professional Membership

Yoga Australia Registered Teacher Level 2

When Ying moved to Australia she became a member of Yoga Australia and qualified as a level 2 teacher. more...

Medical Massage Therapy

Yoga Australia Registered Teacher Level 2

Ying studied medical massage therapy at the Wat Po Traditional Medical School. more...