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Suttabuut Yoga in Kensington teaches a style of Yoga from Thailand that will increase your well-being by using the breath to achieve strength and flexibility and to carry you through a choreography of poses. It derives from a number of styles including: Vinyasa, Sivanandha and Ashtanga and is suitable for beginners and the more advanced students.

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Online Classes
Yoga Class

Yoga classes are now running in our Zoom Room Vitual Studio.

lotus Pose Lotus Temple

Yoga practice has a profound ability to rejuvenate your body and spirit.

Kensington Town Hall

Yoga classes are held in the beautifully renovated Kensington Town Hall overlooking the green peppercorn trees.

Welcome to Suttabuut
Suttabuut Lotus

Suttabuut Yoga was created when Parada Chantananont (Ying) made Kensington in Melbourne her home more than 8 years ago. Ying has been teaching yoga for more than 15 years. She was trained in the East by her teacher Suthee Panthong, one of the Thai Yoga masters who studied extensively in India.

Suttabuut is a type of Thai lotus, renowned because of its large size, its white colour and its perfection. Ying teaches a style developed by her teacher Suthee Panthong of Pure Suthee Yoga and based on Indian yoga but focuses strongly on the breath to achieve a fluidity of movement. Ying is extending her teaching by conducting Yoga classes at the beautifully renovated Kensington Town Hall, with its tranquil views over the wind washed peppercorn trees, conveniently located on the border of Kensington and Flemington.

Parada (Ying) is passionate about passing on the knowledge and practice of Yoga to all her students and takes care of each student allowing them to develop their own strength and flexibility in a safe and gentle environment.

Latest Updates

posted: May 02, 2021

Online Yoga - all Welcome

We are now running Online Yoga Classes. Please join in - its fun and you will progress quickly. Looking forward to seeing you on your mat.

posted: February 04, 2019

Studio reopened for 2019 - all welcome

Ying is back from Thailand and the studio is open for your rejuvenating yoga practice - see you all soon.

posted: January 18, 2018

Classes Have Resumed for 2018

No Class on Monday Evening 14 March. Saturday and Sunday classes will run as usual.

posted: January 18, 2016

Yoga retreat to Thailand

Be chaperoned by Ying on a magical Yoga retreat on a majestic Thai island planned for later in the year.